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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Welcome to a. Millennial Professional! Get ready- you and I are about to become work pals. 


Excuse me while I throw grammar out the window, so we can chat like we’re a couple of coworkers catching up over our Monday morning coffee. 


First and foremost, I know what you’re probably thinking- “There’s a typo, Meg, a period after the a!” Friends, that’s not a typo. That is a mere attempt at being clever by trying to create the impression of note taking in Microsoft Office. 


Now that we have that cleared up... 


The idea for a. Millennial Professional was born after a sixty plus hour work week. It was a Friday, and I was sitting at my desk reflecting on the prior few days. I had five virtual interviews scheduled, of which, one interviewee showed. I remember the response to one specific question... and it may just haunt me for eternity: “Why do you want this position?” To which he responded, “I don’t know, to move up and make more money I guess.” Y’all, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a larger paycheck... but we can do a little better with our interview responses. Gah. Anyway, I had also edited a total of three resumes that week, none of which I would’ve been comfortable complementing. Finally, I had a networking session with a recent college grad who simply did not know how to land his first “real” job. 


That is when I had the ultimate ah-ha moment. Unless you’re one of the very few who went to business school, and you were forced to take a business professionalism course, and you happened to land a professor who actually gave a shit... it is more than likely that you never had someone walk you through what good looks like. 


(And if you happen to be as fortunate as I, to have taken that class with that professor... I bet you can still find value in every single post.)


Whether you’re still soaking in the glorious college days, launching your own business, perfecting your craft, or a decade into your career, you’re in the right spot. 


This is a space where spontaneity meets intentionality and creativity meets professionalism. Together, we will strive to become servant leaders, unconventional thinkers, and relentless doers. We will focus on personal branding, professional development, and overall growth. 


So let’s dust off that stale cover letter, refresh your resume, and build a stellar personal brand that will open up doors for you the rest of your career- all while becoming work pals and digging in to some thought provoking topics and ideas on how to become the healthiest, happiest version of you. 


Are you ready to get started? Because I sure am! Let’s dive right in, I’ll meet ya over at the blog. 



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